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Facilities at A³C

"Growing up in the Midwest did not put me in touch with many Asian Americans, and I did not deal very well with my bi-cultural identity. It was not until I joined A3C that I met other Asian Americans who had similar experiences to me."


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The Asian American Activities Center is a department of Stanford University offering resources to serve the needs of the Stanford community. The physical space of the A³C includes offices for the professional staff, a lounge which serves as the primary meeting space for student groups, an expanded ballroom, a spacious couchroom, conference room, computer cluster, and community balcony. The center is open to all students.

The center also houses an Asian American resource library with reference texts, literature, hard-to-find Asian periodicals, university documents, newspaper clippings and videos often utilized for coursework and research.

Reserve space at the center.

Facilities Available for Reservations

Only registered Voluntary Student Organizations may reserve space for one-time events or weekly meeting reservations.

The Ballroom

The A³C Ballroom provides performance groups with an ideal rehearsal space. The Ballroom has a smooth hardwood floor, a small stage and chairs.

Capacity: 270

Please note: Given that the Ballroom is in such high demand, most reservation hours during the week are booked at the beginning of the year with priority given to building tenants.


  • Monday-Thursday ONLY from 6 pm–Midnight
  • Other times (Monday–Thursday 8 am–5 pm, Friday–Sunday 8 am–2 am) may be arranged through Tresidder Meeting Services.

The A³C Couchroom

Directly above the Ballroom, the A³C Couchroom houses comfortable couches that serve as seating for meetings, events and working students. The A³C Couchroom is a favorite place for students to come in and rest, chat, hang out and do homework. Many Asian American student organizations hold events and meetings in the Couchroom.

For those student groups looking for a movie or karaoke night, the Couchroom also has a TV with wireless connectivity and DVD Player for use.

A Charging Station is also provided to charge various types of phones or other electronic devices without having to bring your personal charing cords.

The Couchroom includes a small side room with a wall-length whiteboard, large conference table and chairs that can be sectioned off by a divider.

Air Purifiers are also provided to filter the air adequate to the space needs.

Capacity: 30–40


  • Monday–Sunday 8 am– Midnight PST

The A³C Conference Room

The Conference Room is conveniently located on the first floor of the Clubhouse, adjacent to the main entrance and on the right side of the elevator (this is not the Cardinal Room, which is directly adjacent to the Ballroom). It is fitted with comfortable chairs and a long conference table. This room is used primarily for meetings and group discussions and an Air Purifier are also provided to filter the air adequate to the space needs.

Capacity: 20


  • Monday–Sunday 8 am– Midnight PST

Additional Resources

The A³C Computer Cluster and Library

The A³C Computer Cluster offers students convenient access to computers. Student groups have access to a printer for organizational use.

Also located in the cluster is an Asian American resource library. The library contains hard-to-find newspapers and journals not available at the main library.

The computer cluster and library are open to all students and Air Purifiers are also provided to filter the air adequate to the space needs.

The A³C Balcony

The A³C balcony is an outdoor community space that overlooks the Old Union Courtyard.  The balcony is open to all students to gather, study, and relax on the outdoor couches or bistro tables.

The A³C Office

In the A³C office, you can find Linda, Jerald, Latana, and Sunny, as well as student staff members working office hours.

The office is open 9 am–4 pm Monday–Friday.

Drop-ins are welcome but advanced appointments are recommended.  Please email us for more information and come say hello!