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Apply to be an A3C Frosh Intern!

Thursday, September 27, 2018 - 12:00 am to 3:00 pm
Asian American Activities Center

The role of Frosh Interns at the Asian American Activities Center is to primarily serve as an ambassador to the freshman class, promoting center programs and activities and encouraging others to participate. Frosh Interns are also viewed as apprentices to the upperclassmen on staff who each hold specific job functions ranging from program planning to print layout and design. Although it is not guaranteed, we do give priority the following year to Frosh Interns who want to stay to work at the center in their sophomore year.

Unlike Frosh Intern roles in student organizations, this is a paid position and employees are given an hourly wage of $13.95.  Interns work 2-3 hours a week in our office, helping with general office maintenance such as answering phones, filing papers, etc. This experience helps in understanding the work flow in our office and also provides a chance to meet the various students who use the center as a resource. Frosh Interns also attend all bi-weekly staff meetings and are expected to meet all of the job expectations listed below.

Working at the A3C is a privilege and student staff should be able to make a year-long commitment to their staff responsibilities. We expect all staff to conduct themselves in a professional manner, abide by Stanford’s Fundamental Standard, and work with a respectful and courteous attitude at all times. In addition to specific projects outlined in the individual job descriptions, all student staff members are required to:

  • Attend off campus overnight staff retreat leaving campus at 12:00pm on Friday, October 5th and returning around 10:00pm on Saturday, October 6th
  • Attend bi-weekly staff meetings on Mondays, 5:30-6:30pm (excused only in cases of family emergency, illness, or course conflict)
  • Meet quarterly with Director, Associate Director, or Assistant Director for an evaluation meeting
  • Attend and support A3C sponsored events (examples: open houses & receptions for parents weekend, admit weekend, orientation, major cultural events, etc.)


We are seeking staff who are not only capable of fulfilling the duties in their job descriptions, but who are also committed to utilizing the context of this position to build on their own personal leadership development and professional goals. We are looking for the following qualities in all student staff:

  • ability to effectively communicate as a team player
  • responsibility and follow through for both big projects and daily tasks
  • experience with event planning
  • interest in learning new skills & developing leadership potential
  • desire to engage diverse constituencies
  • ability to work independently and function as a self-starter
  • strong desire to outreach to peers and Asian American community on campus
  • commitment to the A3C and it’s mission       
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Asian American Activities Center
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