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SAPAAC Distinguished Student Award

The SAPAAC Senior Award is presented annually to a graduating senior who has demonstrated outstanding service to the Stanford Asian American community and the Asian American community at large.  With each year, Stanford alums are impressed with the continued dedication, passion, and contributions to the Stanford Asian American community and beyond. A plaque honoring the work of these new alums is displayed at the A³C.  The following recipients are listed below:


Paula Reyna Small

This year’s winner radiates service, love, and dedication to the Stanford community and beyond. Paula was described by her nominators as a community builder, an exceptional leader who always makes people feel loved and supported throughout their various communities, and a person who makes an effort to make every space inclusive and every action intentional.

Paula is rooted strongly in her identities, and she create spaces for people who share these identities, opening conversations and providing care. Quoted directly from a nominator:

I respect Paula an immense amount for her tireless work to make every community she is a part of inclusive and considerate of individual circumstances and mental health. I and many others have been able to rely on her in crises ranging from mental health interventions to event planning to combatting sexism and colorism—I can't think of anyone more reliable.

Throughout Paula’s time at Stanford, she has served as co-chair of both PASU and Kayumanggi, president of Sigma Psi Zeta, co-leader of the Pilipinx Issues ASB, ASB Director, and RA of Okada and Branner.

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