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Letter from AANSOC Coordinator

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Dear Incoming Students, 

Welcome to Stanford! I want to open with a warm congratulations on your acceptance to Stanford. I hope you can take the time to celebrate, rest, and spend time with loved ones before embarking on your Stanford journey. 

My name is Sandi, and I am a sophomore from Arcadia, California. I am thrilled to be your 2022 Community Coordinator for the Asian American New Student Orientation Committee (AANSOC). I know from personal experience how overwhelming NSO can be, so I’d like to take a moment to share some of my own identity and first memories of the Asian American community at Stanford. 

In many ways, I have been lucky to find Asian American community in some capacity around me for much of my life. Growing up in the San Gabriel Valley, an Asian American ethnic enclave near Los Angeles, there were many opportunities for me to engage with others, whether it was through food, dance, or friendship. I found solace in better understanding what it meant for me, personally, to be in community with other Asian Americans, Myanmar diaspora, and all of the challenges that come with such an identity that is still only a facet of me. 

Thinking about Stanford and becoming part of the communities that are here filled me with trepidation and excitement—I couldn’t begin to imagine how different it might be from the communities that I had grown up in. I lived in Okada, the Asian American ethnic themed dorm, where I will be again this year, and discovered a capacity for love and care that I did not know I had. Outside of a physical space like the 

A3C, or Okada, the support systems that are built into the Asian American communities here are unlike any other. Being part of an Asian American Sibling (AASib) family, joining any affiliated VSO, and countless events provide entry points into the Asian American community, whatever your taste is. 

Asian American communities at Stanford are intentional, tender, precious, and resilient, and are built on the foundations of interpersonal and individual relationships. We rely on one another, make space for each other to change and learn, and are sure in our collective strength. And most importantly, we are open and welcoming of everyone and their backgrounds, no matter where they come from. Whether you are an Asian American Studies major, a frequenter of Subtle Asian Traits, or just want to know even the slightest bit more, being in community at Stanford means investing in your continued growth, and being willing to grow is something that will take you far. 

I want to end this letter by formally inviting each and every one of you to our AANSOC events from September 21-25, 2022. A calendar of event times, locations, and descriptions can be found in this packet. These events are free and open to all students, so please invite any new friends who might be interested as well! We hope these events give you an introduction to the diverse and vibrant Asian American community at Stanford, and if you want to engage with the Asian American community before arriving, feel free to explore the A3C website (, “like” our Facebook page, or follow our Instagram “@stanforda3c.” I am also more than happy to personally connect, answer questions, or provide a friendly face! You can reach me at

Finally, I want to leave you with some reassurance; entering college can be unknown and stressful, but you are strong and more than capable. The Asian American community at Stanford is here for you, and we cannot wait to see you soon. 


Sandi Khine 

Stanford Class of 2025 

2022 Asian American New Student Orientation Committee (AANSOC) Coordinator