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Asian American Studies: Student Projects

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Students who have taken courses in Asian American Studies have produced resources as part of their final projects.  Each final project encompasses their accumulated knowledge gained in Asian American Studies coupled with their personal lives and everyday experiences.  Below are a few recent projects produced by students:

Seeds of Youth: Asian Americans are not a single story or a monolithic group in the COVID-19 pandemic.  It's important to see beyond the surface and to see the depth and humanity each person holds. These dynamic and multidimensional stories start in childhood and continue to influence each individual's lives, each in a unique and important way.  Our project is an effort to document the stories of Asian American immigrants during the COVID-19 pandemic and the racial justice protests of the year 2020.  We concentrate on the formative stages of our narrators' lives, particularly their childhood experiences, to examine how early exposure to social structures of race, class, culture, and gender shape their interactions and encounters with the events of this year.  Through this interactive, multi-media website, we hope to illuminate the weight that one's early years in life can carry, and how the past can manifest itself in the present in many salient forms.

Course: Doing Community History - Asian Americans and the Pandemic with Dr. Gow.

Created by Betty Lee '21, Cathy Nguyen '22, and Stephanie Shim '21

Asian American Studies Podcast: Trends and Impact in Asian American Voters it’s Relationship to the Future Community and Politics

Course: Introduction to Asian American Studies with Dr. Gow

Created by Olivia Higa

Asian American Studies Zine: This zine was created to explore our Asian American identities and discuss the importance of Asian American Studies in the fight for liberation. Thank you for taking the time to read our thoughts and reflections, and we hope this zine can be a source of light and conversation. 

Course: Introduction to Asian American Studies with Dr. Gow

Created by Jasmine Nguyen '23, Daniel Chen '21, Niki Nguyen '21, Chris Tan '21, and Gabby Delos Reyes '21