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Asian American Interactive Mentoring (AIM) Program

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Photo of Rachael Xiong (Class of 2021) and her mentor at the Fall AIM Mentor-Mentee Dinner
Mentor, Stella Ota (Physics Librarian), with Student Mentee.

Founded in 1993, the Asian American Interactive Mentoring (AIM) program matches Asian American sophomore students with Asian American faculty, staff and alumni for one-on-one mentoring experiences. AIM seeks to provide these students with mentors who are sensitive to cultural differences that may affect a student’s experience and success at Stanford.

Mentor, Jae Chung (Associate Director, Student Learning Programs) with 3 generations of Student Mentees (C. Cuono '21, T. A. Yogo '22, and A. Song '23)
Mentor, Jae Chung (Associate Director, Student Learning Programs) with 3 generations of Student Mentees (C. Cuono '21, T. A. Yogo '22, and A. Song '23)

AIM also seeks to provide faculty, staff and alumni with a means of interacting with undergraduates in a meaningful way.

How AIM Could Benefit You: A Letter from the AIM Coordinator

Dear Sophomore,

Hello, and congratulations on completing your first year at Stanford! Even given some unexpected circumstances and changes, I hope your first year was filled with unforgettable memories, and that you look forward to the new and exciting school year ahead!

My name is Britney Tran and I'm from Colorado Springs, CO majoring in Computer Science with the Biocomputation Track. This will be my second year staffing at the Asian American Activities Center, and I am excited to serve as your Asian American Interactive Mentoring (AIM) Program Coordinator!

I was the Co-Coordinator of the AIM program last year, and I was able to see the strong and valuable relationships between the mentors and mentees. Participating in AIM is a great way to develop a meaningful connection with a member of the Stanford and Asian American communities and learn from them. I hope to work with you to build these experiences throughout your second year at Stanford. 

The mentors participating in AIM are as excited for this upcoming year as I am. These mentors come from all types of educational and career fields. I want you to keep in mind that these mentors are great resources and have a plethora of experiences and advice to offer you regarding any aspect of life you could think of, they could be great life coaches and friends and help you develop your career in addition.

Throughout the year, we will host quarterly mentor and mentee events. We will also plan small events for mentorship pairs to get together more frequently. Mentee events are also on our agenda, as we hope to connect you with your peers.

I hope you take time to consider applying to be a part of AIM. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to having you be part of the AIM family! If you have any questions or just want to say hello, please feel free to email me.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Britney Tran '24

Britney Tran '24

AIM Program Coordinator

Interested in participating in the AIM Program? Check out our mentor and mentee applications

Questions About the Program

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact AIM Coordinator, Britney Tran.