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Words from the A³C Director about AIM

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Dear Sophomore:

Congratulations on finishing your first year at Stanford. I hope your frosh experience was a good one despite being virtual and that your summer is going well. I am the Interim Associate Dean and Director of the Asian American Activities Center (A3C). The center serves as a resource for Asian and Asian American students and Asian American student organizations on campus. One of the programs offered by the center is the Asian American Interactive Mentoring (AIM) Program. This program matches Asian American staff, faculty and alumni with Asian American sophomores for one-on-one mentoring. AIM was created to provide culturally sensitive mentoring that matches students with mentors from similar cultural backgrounds. This can enable mentors and mentees to discuss issues that arise due to cultural factors that other mentors may not be as equipped to discuss. Some of the goals of AIM are:

  • to build a greater interactive Asian American community.
  • to offer undergraduates the support and experience of faculty, staff and alumni.
  • to provide faculty, staff and alumni with a way to become more involved in campus and undergraduate issues.

Mentors and mentees will meet or communicate regularly and hopefully develop a close relationship. There will also be quarterly gatherings of all the mentor pairs. Pairs are matched based on information provided in your application. AIM is not an academic or career mentoring program per se, we try to match pairs based on common interests as expressed in the applications. Mentors can be faculty, alumni or administrative staff from a variety of departments.

I hope that you will seriously consider applying to participate in AIM. Past participants have found it to be a worthwhile experience for both the mentor and the student. Please keep in mind that participation does require a yearlong time commitment.

If you are interested in participating in AIM please complete the online application by Friday, September 9, 2022. If you have any questions please email our AIM coordinator, Ben Nguyen. Enjoy the rest of the summer and see you soon!

If you have any questions please email me at

Enjoy the rest of the summer and see you soon!


Jerald Adamos, Ed.D.
Interim Associate Dean/Director