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Be on Big Sib Core

The Asian American Sib (AASIB) Program aims to help incoming first-year students transition into the Stanford community by exposing new students to the various components of the Asian American community on campus.

Members of the AASIB Sib Core are committed to promoting the AASIB program through the following responsibilities:

  • Recruit students to be Big Sibs and Lil Sibs during summer and NSO.
  • Assist in matching Bigs and Littles during NSO.
  • Plan, organize and execute events each quarter.
  • Serve as ambassadors to the community to promote events.

Apply to be on AASIB CORE by Wednesday, June 6, 2018.  For more information, contact the AASIB Coordinator, Tenzin Wangdak.

2018-19 AASIB Coordinator : Tenzin Wangdak

2018-19 AASIB Core Team:Ryan Chen, Darian Martos, Stefanie Ky


Thank you 2017-18 AASIB Core Team: Dee De Thao, Ysabel Ojoylan, Jimmy Zhou, Edwin Carlos, Jr, & Stefanie Ky (Not Pictured)