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Asian American Admit Weekend (Cardinal Days)

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We want to meet you! Our student leaders will be posting and creating stories on our Facebook page and Instagram Account leading up to our Virtual Admit Weekend (Cardinal Days) Events so make sure to get connected and check us out!

Thursday, April 14

4-5PM PST: Voices from the Community - Stanford Community Center Panel featuring the Asian American Activities Center (A3C), Black Community Services Center (BCSC), El Centro Chicano y Latino, Markaz: Resource Center, Native American Cultural Center (NACC), Queer Student Resources (QSR), and Women's Community Center (WCC).

Sunday, April 24

3-4PM PST: Am I the Only One? - Feeling like you may be the only one from your ethnic community(ies). Come and connect with other students from underrepresented Asian/Asian American communities at Stanford. 

Friday, April 29

2:30-3:30PM PST: Asian American Community Gathering - Come learn about Stanford's Asian American Activities Center and how we can be a resource for Prospective Students (ProFros) and spend time with some of our student leaders to understand why the Center and community are important to them!

4-5PM PST: Okada Hangout - Come hang out in the Okada Courtyard and meet current student staff and residents of Stanford’s Asian American theme dorm. We’ll share our experiences living in this beautiful four-class ethnic theme dorm and also answer any questions you might have about Okada. Visit the Okada Dorm website for more information in the meantime!

Virtual Community Hangout Day!

The Asian American community at Stanford is incredibly diverse.  Come hang out with student leaders virtually to learn about their experiences and how you can find community once you’re on campus through April 27!

April 14, 7-8PM PST: Cambodian/Khmer Admit Welcome - Hosted by student leaders of the Cambodian/Khmer American community

April 15, 5-6PM PST: Lao/Laotian Admit Welcome - Hosted by student leaders of the Lao/Laotian American community

April 15, 9-10PM PST: Singaporean Admit Welcome - Hosted by student leaders of the Singaporean American community

April 16, 4-5PM PST: Chinese Community Hang Out - Hosted by student leaders of the Chinese American community

April 22, 6-7:30PM PST: Halo-Halo Hello! - Hosted by student leaders of the Pilipinx American community 

April 23, 10AM-11:30AM PST: Nepali Student Gathering - Hosted by student leaders of the Nepali American community

April 23, 11AM-12PM PST: Meet the Gia Đình - Hosted by student leaders of the Vietnamese American community

April 23, 3PM-4PM PST: Tibetan Admit Welcome - Hosted by student leaders of the Tibetan American community

April 26, 5-6PM PST: Hmong Admit Welcome - Hosted by student leaders of the Hmong American community

Other VSO Hangouts!

Through April 27, 2022, many of our affiliated VSOs will also be hosting casual hangouts in addition to their participation in the Activities Fair.  Please see the event information below:

Monday, April 11, 6-7PM PST - Harmonizing yourself with Stanford Aikido: Aikido has its origins in the centuries old traditions of the Japanese martial arts. It is a form of budo (martial ways of self refinement) - a way of life that seeks to polish the self through a blend of rigorous physical training and spiritual discipline. There is no attack in Aikido. It is an art of self-defense against an unprovoked attack. Its uniqueness as a martial art lies in its awareness of a deep sense of harmony with all of creation, therefore, training is designed to defend not only the self, but to bring the attacker under control without the necessity of inflicting injury. 

Tuesday, April 12, 7-8PM PST - Meet Basmati Raas!: Come meet members of Basmati Raas, Stanford’s competitive Raas-Garba team! We look forward to meeting you, answering any of your questions, and watching a video from one of our recent performances.

Saturday, April 16, 2-3PM PSTXTRM Virtual Kickback: Join current XTRM members while we hang out, listen to banger songs, and chat about the latest in K-Pop news! We'll answer any questions you have about the group, what we do, and why we do it.