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While students arrive at Stanford having achieved academic excellence, it is not uncommon to at times need help. Perhaps concepts in certain classes are more elusive, problem sets for chemistry are more difficult, or time management is more of a struggle than anticipated. Stanford offers many resources to address these issues, including professor and TA office hours to help students reach their academic goals and attain a deep comprehension of the material.

Tutoring at Stanford is another viable and often underutilized resource. While not intended to replace instruction from professors, tutors can provide one-on-one interaction that incorporates both practice of the material and advice on study habits and strategies.

Tutoring Organizations for Multiple Subjects/Topics

Popular CS, Math and Engineering Courses

  • CS 106A/B/X—The LAiR, the computer cluster on the second floor of Tresidder Union, is staffed with CS106 section leaders Sunday–Thursday 6 pm–12 am.
  • School of Engineering Tutoring


Additional Tutoring Resources