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Stanford Asian American History

Resources regarding the rich history at Stanford University are provide below.

API History at Stanford and beyond

The API History at Stanford and Beyond Timeline shares the API history at Stanford and how it's history intertwines with API history as a whole in the US.  

The timeline is not comprehensive and is a work in progress.  If an event is missing, please email us at with the information, link, and photos to consider.

Video History of Asian Americans at Stanford University

This video on the History of Asian Americans at Stanford University was first showcased at the Inaugural Alumni Summit hosted by the Stanford Asian Pacific American Alumni Club.  The Summit, whose theme was "Voices Rising", was a chance for alumni to learn from and connect with others, find opportunities for collaboration, and share experiences and insights since leaving the Farm. The event had an incredible set of speakers, events, and workshops led by alumni on topics ranging from breaking the bamboo ceiling to API healthcare issues.