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Interested in updates and happenings from the A3C and the broader Stanford Asian American community? We invite you to subscribe to our quarterly recap newsletter to stay in the know!

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We have two email listservs--one dedicated to undergraduates and the other to graduate students--to help you stay engaged and connected to resources, events, and opportunities relating to Asian/Asian American and Pacific Islander identity and issues at Stanford and beyond. As part of your membership on this list, we invite you to share information for the VSOs and communities with which you’re involved in. 

Note: The views and opinions expressed in postings from community members do not necessarily reflect the views or position of the Asian American Activities Center.

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To ensure the list is beneficial to all recipients and meets our mission, all posts must support the success of Asian/Asian American and Pacific Islander students at Stanford by providing innovative opportunities for scholarship, leadership, personal development community building, community service, and advocacy. Although we encourage you to embrace your beliefs and we value posts from all sides of every issue, please use your best judgment in posting about topics that are appropriate and relevant for the A3C Community subscribers. 

Posting Guidelines

A3C professional staff promote A3C-related programming and forward opportunities from campus partners to both listservs. Beyond this, the listservs are open to student posts.  Here are a few specific guidelines to follow before posting to the list:

  1. You must be a subscribed member to post.
  2. Only current students, using your address, should share posts to the list. Any other email addresses will be removed from our lists.  
  3. If you are University staff, alumni, campus partner, or a non-Stanford community member, please reach out to for assistance in sharing your opportunity to our listservs.
  4. A3C professional staff will not (re)send announcements on behalf of students or VSOs. Students/VSO members should subscribe to the list and post any announcements directly themselves.
  5. No solicitation or advertisements, these posts will not be approved.
  6. Do not post more than twice a day about a single event. (We consider this spam.)
  7. Do not use offensive or inflammatory language and/or images in your posts.
  8. If you encounter posts that violate the mailing list guidelines, report them to rather than engaging in public arguments or confrontations.

By adhering to these posting guidelines, members can contribute to a positive and constructive environment on the mailing list.  Ignoring these guidelines will result in your removal from the list.

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