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SAPAAC Distinguished Student Award

"The A³C has been a home, a source of support, an incubator for leadership development, and a rare opportunity for institutional devotion to cross-cultural relationship building."


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The Stanford Asian Pacific American Alumni Club (SAPAAC) Senior Award is presented annually to a graduating senior who has demonstrated outstanding service to the Stanford Asian American community and the Asian American community at large.  With each year, Stanford alums are impressed with the continued dedication, passion, and contributions to the Stanford Asian American community and beyond. A plaque honoring the work of these new alums is displayed at the A³C.  The following recipients are listed below:


Jennifer Xiong

Jennifer Xiong '22

2021: Ashely Amado & Sarah Verschoor

2020: My Nguyen

2019: Whitney Francis

2018: Paula Reyna Small

2017: Vy Luu

2016: Kunal Sangani

2015: Kue Chang

2014: Nujsaubnusi Vue

2013: Justin Lam

2012: Trac Dang

2011: Stephanie Otani-Sunamoto

2010: Henry Tsai

2009: Christian Ngo

2008: Yang Lor

2007: Linda Lee

2006: Linda Tran

2005: Sheila Laqui

2004: Ricky Wang

2003: Michael Chang

2002: Rajen Desai

2001: Tim Ly

2000: Shelley Tadaki

1999: Jane Kim

1998: Aly Kassam-Remtulla

1997: Kris Hayashi

1996: Lan Phan